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The adoption of bitcoin in El Salvador leads to a long list of assumptions that other countries will join the craze. Lawmakers from various Central American countries have also used it as bait to draw attention, such as Paraguay. However, pressure from El Salvador has led many countries to consider making bitcoin a legal tender, especially those struggling with the financial crisis caused by factors they cannot control. Argentina is a perfect example of a country whose finances suffer from inflation.

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez believes bitcoin could help the country recover from the pain caused by inflation. In a recent interview, the president said there was no reason to say “no” to bitcoin. He explained,

I don’t want to go too far, but there’s no reason to say no, the advantage of cryptocurrencies is that they override the inflationary effect. This is a global debate. I must admit that in my case it was a matter of caution. 20 years ago, no one would have thought YouTube would be what it is today. Maybe it’s a good way.

Argentine President hints at possible introduction of bitcoin
Asked if the country would consider introducing Bitcoin, Fernandez did not rule out such a possibility, and

“Anything is possible. They say the advantage is that the inflationary effect is largely eliminated.”

The president generally talked about cryptorynke, but mostly described bitcoin. The interview gave an insight into how bitcoin has evolved to attract the attention of governments seeking to distract their countries from financial problems. El Salvador’s decision to make bitcoin a legal tender was to help more than 70% of the cashless population get financial services directly on their phones.

El Salvador’s legal payment instrument in bitcoin is due to take effect from next month, but has been met with strong opposition from the IMF, the World Bank and other financial institutions. What the IMF will believe

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