HARD version 2 upgrade: Institutions can now earn + 25% APY in Bitcoin through the cross-chain money market

The HARD protocol version 2 brings significant changes and improvements to the HARD cross-chain money market. Responding to the needs of corporate players, DeFi takes this to the next level of general public adoption. The HARD protocol is a decentralized money market built on the Kava platform that enables cross-chain assets to borrow and borrow. There are several improvements in the upgrade to version 2 for financial institutions wishing to explore the decentralized financial sector. Offering companies with the world's largest currencies, including Bitcoin, the option to earn + 25% ALM without counterparty risk is a game changer for decentralized financing. The Kava 5.1 public testnet launch event will run until March 31, 202. At the end of the event, Kava 5.1 will launch on the main network as the HARD V2 protocol upgrade. The technology that expands the appeal of Kava and the HARD money market confirms the team's vision to bring cross-chain DeFi solutions to a global audience. With version 2 of the HARD protocol, variable rate loan becomes available to all users. In addition, the upgrade provides support for the distribution of the HARD token, the governance token of the HARD protocol, to providers and asset borrowers, further enhancing and delivering the efficient returns available to lenders on the platform. they call all users, lenders and borrowers. in the continued management and development of the platform. As part of the HARD protocol version 2 upgrade, developers and end users of a wide variety of cryptocurrency asset types will now have the opportunity to earn interest on their assets for the first time. original. In addition, the HARD governance model will undergo some changes and improvements. The HARD token holder community has the power to update protocol settings in any Money Market, add currency markets for additional crypto asset types, and update HARD token reward allocations. Read more

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