Hack: PolyNetwork invites $ 610 million hacker to become Chief Security Adviser

PolyNetwork, the cross-chain Defi protocol, fell victim to the biggest Defi hack in crypto history last week, with $ 610 million in stolen funds. Later, the hacker returned nearly $ 400 million in funds claiming to be the white hat, after the protocol threatened him with a lawsuit as well as a lawsuit. However, more than $ 200 million in funding had to be repaid.

PolyNetwork previously offered the hacker a half-million dollar reward and has now offered him the role of the network’s Chief Security Adviser, making sure they do not intend to take further legal action. Defi protocol in the official tweet also reported that he would turn over the promised $ 5,000 as soon as he continued to communicate with her.

# PolyNetwork has no intention of placing Mr White in legal responsibility and warmly invites him to be our Chief Security Adviser. A $ 500,000 reward is on the way. No matter what # Mrwhitehat decides to do with the prize, we have no objection. https://t.co/4ıazvywrgz

– Poly network (@PolyNetwork2), August 17, 2021

The company said on its official blog:,

“We also rely on more experts, such as Mr White hat, who will participate in the future development of Poly network, because we believe we share the vision of creating a secure and reliable distributed system. In addition, to express our gratitude and encourage Mr. White Hat to contribute to improving security in the blockchain world together with Poly Network, We warmly invite Mr. White Hat to become Poly Network’s Chief Security Advisor.”

The network hopes that WhiteHat’s private keys will be returned to the private key wallets of stolen funds so they can be returned to investors.

PolyNetwork Announces Main Network Update
The official blog post noted that Polynetwork has completed the second phase of its Mainnet update to make protocol security more reliable after hacking. The hacker in question managed to exploit the loophole

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