Guggenheim co-founder wants to build 'blockchain tower' in New York with NFT museum

Todd Morley, co-founder of financial services firm Guggenheim Partners, is building a "blockchain tower" in New York. The tower will have a wireless network designed to "improve blockchain-based communication and commerce in the city," he told Bloomberg TV. Guggenheim co-founder and Overline president Todd Morley is building the world's largest #NFT museum. Speaks at @ BloombergTV More on @crypto: – Bloomberg Crypto (@crypto) May 25, 2021 JDS development group will jointly build the tower with the existing Morley Overline Network project from. Overline is developing an interoperability protocol that connects various blockchains, including Bitcoin, to the decentralized finance (DeFi) world. It is unknown whether Morley will build an entirely new building or re-develop an existing one. According to the architect's diary, the renderings he used to represent the project were "shown elsewhere" and "JDS Development's involvement shows that this is the almost complete tower referred to earlier." The Eco-NFT CryptoTrunks project will be temporarily disabled to reduce environmental impact. The idea is that everyone within a certain radius of skyscrapers is networked with the help of Overline, which uses its own consensus mechanism called Proof-of-Distance. In the future, the network could be expanded to more buildings in the city. “The Overline Network has developed a new way to distribute wireless communications that can be used at a rate that makes even crypto mining possible,” he says. The blockchain tower Tower, which will host the NFT museum, will also host "the world's largest NFT museum". markers for digital art. This would be "some kind of benefit in a building rather than just having brick and mortar," Morley said. Non-exchangeable Tokens or NFTs are cryptographically unique tokens associated with the excavation

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