Grow or die in business

Entrepreneurship is taking risks, leaving your comfort zone and choosing the path to the unknown. We know that. However, many think that this moment of discomfort is temporary, as if it were a necessary evil or an unavoidable process, after which comes another of permanent stability and tranquility. In other words, another comfort zone.
Let me tell you that comfort zones are always around the corner, and they represent a symptom that cannot be underestimated. If you perceive it in your day to day, it could mean that, instead of growing, your business is at risk of death.
Maybe that’s why they say that entrepreneurs are crazy. Because they take risk after risk and choose ever greater adversities. They don’t do it just for the sake of it. Entrepreneurs choose the paths that cost more work because they are the ones that make them grow the most, not only for businesses, but also for people.
Of course growing up is uncomfortable! Growing up hurts!
Because growing means leaving our comfort zone and entering our empowerment zone. Be the protagonist of your life. Growing means moving and evolving and this means leaving behind some things that no longer fit, that no longer make sense.
Growing up can expose us to criticism and reproaches from friends, family and co-workers … Sometimes change represents a nuisance for those close to us. It is understandable, the new almost always arouses strangeness, and you have to be patient so that others understand the meaning we have decided to take.
This type of situation reminds me of that dialogue in which the caterpillar tells the butterfly "I see you differently, you weren’t like that", and she replies "I woke up."
Growing up is staying daytime, sharp, lucid When you start to develop more, everything changes around you. If you change, everything changes. If you improve, everything improves. Your whole world expands, you are more aware of all the possibilities and opportunities that circulate around you.
Change begins when you are aware of the opportunity you have to learn and grow. It starts when you pay attention. Do you know what one of the most common obstacles to growth is? The ego. It is so tremendous that it blinds many people and makes them believe that they know everything or that they have already reached their peak as human beings. Of course, when the person allows himself to be overcome by his own ego, he puts the viability of his projects and his business at serious risk.
A boss once told me: “don’t be afraid to make mistakes, it’s okay to make mistakes. That means you are trying. He who is not wrong enough is not moving out of his comfort zone. He who is not wrong is probably not doing anything. " Many do not move to avoid a risk. In doing so, they give up the right to experiment, to learn, and to grow.
What is growing up? It is developing yourself on a personal level, it is fighting against your temptations, it is wanting to improve yourself and use your time to acquire new knowledge and reach the next level in your work and your personal life.
Growth is change, and change is not always easy. It is to evolve, to be in constant learning and development.
Growth is the consequence of discipline, concentration, and prioritizing. It is a very intense process! But it is certainly the only one that yields sustainable results.
Giving you room to grow will offer you peace of mind and peace of mind, greater resilience, more happiness, healthier relationships, more focus and productivity, better health, more emotional intelligence, more success and satisfaction. What are you doing? Are you growing or dying? Your answer is important, because if you don’t grow, nothing and nobody is going to do it for you.
Let’s look at the great leaders, the great brands: they all have a culture of growth. If you don’t change, then don’t ask yourself why you are still in the same place.
Staying the same is going back. If you are not growing, you are dying … I agree with the idea that successful people are willing to do what unsuccessful people do not want to do. Successful people do little things. Heavy work. The boring ones. Those that nobody wants to do but are necessary. Successful people don’t give up, they work overtime, they persevere, they take risks and sacrifices.
But the most important thing is that successful people are constantly growing. Nelson Mandela said that the day you stop learning and sharing, you become irrelevant. Let’s not become irrelevant. Let’s grow.


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