Grote Australische Broker Selfwealth te Brengen Ticaret Bitcoins üzerinde 95 000 Beleggers

Australian broker independence will offer bitcoin trading services to more than 95,000 customers as part of future partnerships with third parties.
A major Australian online broker, independence, is in talks with bitcoin exchanges to add BTC trading capabilities to more than 95,000 users on the platform, according to local news outlet the Australian Financial Review. According to a recent survey by the broker, more than two-thirds of its customer base are interested in cryptocurrencies, half of which are already invested in them.
“Australians have decided that the cryptocurrency will stay here forever and seek reliable platforms to facilitate investment decisions,” independence chief executive kat Whitaker said in a statement to the Australian Securities Exchange. “We want to make as Transparent an investment for our customers as possible. Currently, to move popular types of investment usually requires access to multiple trading platforms and multiple currency movements for investors.”
Optimizing the investment process is the driving force behind the application, as it simplifies the user experience by reducing agents. Moreover, another motivation for addressing the nobility of implementing bitcoin trading opportunities on its platform is related to the collection of related fees. The online broker has reportedly committed to charging a fixed interest fee for cryptocurrency trading and will share the proceeds with its chosen exchange partner.
Whitaker also said that once self-reliance adds the ability for investors to buy and sell bitcoin, ether and other cryptocurrencies and trade local and US stocks on the same platform, it will set up an “Australian first.” The addition will take place by the end of 2021, with a plan in which the broker integrates a third-party portfolio into the platform to secure custody of a bitcoin investor.
However, nobility has not worked out details of the plan, including which bitcoin exchange it will collaborate with

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