Grijswaarden Raises $ 10m Investment In Ethereum

Ethereum forms a significant part of the grayscale portfolio of crypto asset managers.A recent report shows that Grayscale now has more than $ 3 million of ETH (AUM) in assets under management, worth more than $ 10 billion. This makes the asset manager one of the largest owners of Ethereum in space.

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The asset manager gradually increased ETH shares over time, adding about 20,000 ETH to its portfolio in February. The latest notices show that the asset manager in New York has increased its crypto assets since its last report, with the total value of assets under management rising from $ 33 billion to $ 41.4 billion.

Ethereum Is Not The Only Interest

The fund began giving investors the opportunity to invest in bitcoin through the exchange. But over the years, gray scale has added more crypto assets to its offerings to give investors more opportunities to enter Sundays. Grayscale crypto management covers a large number of cryptocurrencies. The assets it has are different from Bitcoin Ethereum, Lightcoin, Ethereum Classic and many others.

Grayscale Ethereum stands at almost $ 10 billion / Source: Twitter

With BTC holding for $ 10 billion, in October with ETH and $ 29 billion, grayscale holds ethereum Classic with more than $ 700 million and more than $ 300 million, with Lightcoin value in your wallet. The size of its assets under management makes grayscale the world’s largest crypto asset manager.

Gray scale also plunged into the world of Defi in July when it launched its new Defi Foundation. The fund was the first of its kind in the company’s history, but will be the second fund of diversified products. This fund was based on the Coindex Defi index.

Highest Assets Under Management

Although Ethereum makes up most of the asset manager’s portfolio, bitcoin comes first on the list. Grayscale bitcoin holdings have more than 640,000 tokens

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