'Green' NFT Platform Raises $ 63 Million to Launch Musical Collection at Tezos

A new musician-focused marketplace for non-exchangeable tokenized crypto (NFT) collectibles is coming to the Tezos blockchain, as well as projects packed from a number of well-known artists such as John Legend, Quincy Jones, Doja Cat. and recently Whitney Houston. The OneOf NFT Marketplace, announced today, was co-created with Jones and his company, Quincy Jones Productions, and will begin in June with support for credit and debit cards in more than 135 fiat currencies, as well as unspecified cryptocurrencies and fixed coins. . NFTs from artists such as TLC, HER, Charlie Puth, G-Eazy, Jacob Collier, The Kid Laroi, Aurora and Alesso will also be added to the platform. OneOf has collected a $ 63 million funding round for this effort, and Tezos will be based on the cryptocurrency blockchain. Using Tezos is currently being touted as a “ green '' alternative to storing NFTs on Ethereum, which uses a high-power consensual proof-of-work model with estimated grid-wide power consumption comparable to the Singapore country. Digiconomist). Ethereum's environmental impact has been a widespread criticism amid the rise of NFTs, which resemble ownership of digital assets such as still images, video clips, tweets, and video game assets. interactive. Bitcoin's energy-hungry proof-of-work model has also gained more attention recently, and Tesla has announced that it will no longer accept cryptocurrency as payment for its electric cars due to the environmental impact of mining. @OfficialTLC NFT is coming soon! Sign up at https://t.co/j0iaM5JRZT to be the first to learn #tlc #oneofnft pic.twitter.com/R1AWFpqzsI – OneOf (@OneOfNFT) May 25, 2021 Tezos relies on a share that does not require mining, which is the global network's Ethereum or Bitcoin that means it requires much less power than. OneOf claims that Tezos uses "more than 2 million times less energy" than proof-of-work networks such as Ethereum, and

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