Goldman Sachs plans to launch Ethereum options and futures

An executive told Bloomberg that investment bank Goldman Sachs plans to offer options and futures on Ethereum in the coming months. The move comes four months after Goldman reopened its crypto trading desk and began offering Bitcoin futures contracts. Futures contracts in crypto are agreements that allow people to buy cryptocurrencies at a predetermined date in the future. They bet on the future price of the crypto asset; For example, if you think the price of Ethereum is going to increase, buying futures at the current price of $2,560 can give you a profit. Ethereum futures 24-hour volume. Source: Skew Futures contracts are generally traded like any other market-traded asset, because the difference between the contract price at the time the contract is signed and the actual market price at that particular future date provides a gambling opportunity. According to data from market analysis firm Skew, the Ethereum futures market is recording a daily volume of $23.9 billion. Similarly, options contracts give traders an opportunity, not an obligation, to buy crypto at a fixed price, unlike futures contracts, and can usually be traded by the last Friday of each month. According to data from Skew, the daily volume of the Ethereum options market is $6.1 billion. Ethereum futures open billions in interest. Source: Skew, according to a fund manager at a major crypto fund who declined to name Decrypt, "The point here is that Goldman is finally making demand for Ethereum derivatives". Goldman's entry into ETH options and futures will add liquidity to the market, which is good news for existing traders. Goldman's move can also be seen as good news for its customers, who aren't deterred by the current market crash and its implications for the future of crypto – and there's a lot going on, according to head of digital technology Mathew McDermott. assets at Goldman. “We've had a lot of interest from customers who want to trade because they see these levels as a bit more expensive.

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