Gold vs Bitcoin

Gold hit its highest level since January 8 at $ 1,884. Bitcoin, a digital currency, has seen a tremendous rise this year, surpassing $ 64,000 before falling into its recent troubles. The debate over bitcoin and gold has continued since the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. With the recent turmoil in Bitcoin and the rise in the value of gold, the latter seems to be gaining slowly and steadily. The search for the ultimate store of value between gold and Bitcoin has continued since the mass adoption of the cryptocurrency giant. With so many financial experts on both sides, some people argue emotionally with regard to where they put their money, the debate seems like a dead end. Among these arguments, the last argument between Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, who was the first CEO to convert part of the company's cash reserves to Bitcoin, was the last argument between Michael Saylor, an investor representing gold. Many arguments have been made over the years depending on the development of the market for both assets. What assets should you have: gold or bitcoin? Different arguments have been put forward for the two entities. To support gold as a safe haven, experts say it has existed for thousands of years and has been valuable for centuries, while bitcoin is relatively new and unavailable. for a little over ten years. While there is excitement around Bitcoin, it has yet to be proven to be successful. Arguments for bitcoin increase its security as with blockchain and cannot be physically stolen like fiat currency or gold. Bitcoin can also be easily shared and distributed to billions of people, with each coin still worth like a bar of gold. Recently, Bitcoin has doubled in value, with a market cap exceeding $ 1 trillion. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are seen as fast and rich investment opportunities. Gold enthusiasts think Bitcoin is too volatile to be.

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