Gold Mistake Peter Schiff Beats Top Cryptocurrencies and Backers as Bitcoin Reaches New Lows

US economist, financial commentator, and gold expert Peter Schiff had a lot to say about bitcoin's price drop on Tuesday. Schiff has always claimed that the value of bitcoin will one day fall to zero. This week, he insists the bitcoin chart "shows a head and shoulders top pattern with a neckline around $30,000, the pattern measures a move towards zero". Schiff Believes MicroStrategy Will Sell Every Satoshi After Bitcoin (BTC) dropped 10% in Monday and Tuesday morning sessions, Peter Schiff went to the soapbox on Twitter and hit the leading crypto asset. Schiff doesn't usually have anything good to say about bitcoin, but the vast majority of his tweets on Tuesday (about ten in total) were devoted to bitcoin. The financial commentator talked about his favorite investment, gold, and discussed how the precious metal fell 6% last week. "During the weekend, bitcoin bugs joked about gold's 6% drop over the past week, which was about twice the 3% drop in bitcoin," Schiff said. “But gold is recovering some of those losses today, while bitcoin is down another 9%. Also, gold is down 9% from its 2021 peak, while bitcoin is down 50%.” Schiff's tweets even targeted bitcoin bulls like Michael Saylor of Microstrategy and Barry Silbert of Digital Currency Group. Schiff tweeted: Really bitcoin wait for Microstrategy to sell its last satoshi. If MSTR continues to sell shares and borrow money to buy back in a declining market, existing or new shareholders will be forced into liquidation. [Michael Saylor]'s diamond hands are real glass. One person He defended Microstrategy's CEO and told Schiff to stop discussing Saylor or criticizing "a technology you don't understand." Others said in the Twitter thread that Schiff offered to discuss Saylor, but Microstrategy's executive "wouldn't include him" BTC/USD three-day chart for Tuesday, June 22, 2021. Schiff Slams Silbert and Novogratz, Spencer Sch

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