Gmcoin Bridge / swap is a customer launch in klaar voor zijn alfa phase

PRESS RELEASE. $ GMCoin is based on it / bit management systems built on TRC10 (Tron blockchain), supported by ITIL and COBIT ITSM principles, and is ready and ready to launch the alpha phase for customers!

Promote the use in any environment and in the commercial sector in GMCoin блокчейна, accompanied by a token called gmcoin developing business strategies, and innovative projects that provides access to all (small and large traders, buyers, users and the general public) and the decentralized economy capable of transparent, effective and fast interaction with technologies.

How do I participate in gmcoin’s private sales?

Here are four ways to buy gmcoin and participate in private and public sales

Start bar (completed)
Retail (clearing) – real time

Private sale ( bridge) – live

Sell the last catch (teleportation)

Each has minimum and maximum purchase restrictions (required in some cases) along with KYC. Participation is limited to countries: Afghanistan, Congo, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Syria and Tajikistan. Central African Republic, Eritrea, Guinea, Lebanon, Mali, Namibia, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Venezuela, Yemen, and the United States, residents should be familiar with the local laws and requirements before purchasing. More details can be found in the gmcoin presentation for investors.

GMCoin, price and market indicators

Symbol: GMCoin
Total supply: 80,000,000 GMCoin
Network: Tron (TRC10)
Development Team Token: 8,000,000 GMCoin
Marketing and application: 6,000,000 GMCoin
Domestic sales, distribution, 4,000,000 GMCoin
Treasury Reserve: 8,000,000 GMCoin
Sales: 54,000,000 GMCoin

Why is GMCoin important?

The way we invest in assets, from art to buildings, can vary greatly with the advent of tokenization. The act of tokenization of assets is fraught with the devastation of many industries, particularly the financial sector, and those who are not ready risk being left behind.

Benefits Of Gmcoin

New token economy opens up potential

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