Ghost 2: terugkir van de Avegochis & # 128123;

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What happens if you cross Pixel ghosts and minigames with Defi and NFS?
You’ll get avegochi, that’s it!
Aavegotchi is one of the Premier money-making projects of the young NFT ecosystem, and this week many people will be paying attention to the game as haunt 2 unfolds, leading to thousands of new aavegotchi.
I’m not aware of the events at the festivities, but do you want to make it up to me? Don’t worry, let’s make a haunt 2 primer for today’s meta-universe
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Aavegochi what is it?Blending Defi and NFT elements, Aavegotchi is a” play to win ” game in a playground that revolves around this NFT’s ghost collections and virtual worlds known as the gotchiverse Kingdom. 
Each Aavegotchi is full of intriguing AAVE atokens (especially amtokens from AAVE Polygon Sundays), and the wider ecosystem of aavegotchi is controlled by the aavegotchidao community with the game’s own $GHST token. 
$GHST also plays a central role in various economic activities around the Gotchiverse, namely the purchase of things like wearables and portals. Portals are particularly important because they each contain 10 possible Aavegotchi and are therefore necessary to invoke the new aavegotchi. That brings us to Shelter 2!
What is Haunt 2?Aavegotchi began in March 2021 with the launch of The Haunt 1 project, which sold 10,000 portals and expanded the first 10,000 aavegotchi collection. 
Since then, + 7,760 such opening portals have been opened, paving the way for the first wave of aavegotchi players. However, aavegotchidao recently decided to further improve the game’s availability by adopting Haunt 2, that is, the next wave of 15,000 portals and Aavegotchi. 
coderdaneth / aavegotchi @ coderdannnis, this is the first time the # NFT community has voted for an increase

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