Gerealiseerde Bitcoin sets Prijs record

The realized price of bitcoin, which measures the value of each UTXO last transported to calculate the price of bitcoin, reached its highest level ever.
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The realized price of bitcoin hit an all-time high on May 12 earlier this year, and the figure is now $ 20,200. The realized price measures the value at which each UTXO in the network moves the last time to calculate the bitcoin price.
Given that the market capitalization of bitcoin is determined by the volume of circulating supply multiplied by the price, the real class accepts every coin in the market and the price that the currency (or, more technically, UTXO) has recently entered into the calculation. Thus, the realized price takes only the realized capital and divides it into the turnover supply.
The realized price can often point further to investor activity on the network, as it measures that bitcoin is actually changing hands, and that price is not only offered at margin through derivatives markets or through whale wash trading. 

In the Daily # 022 dive, we examined trends around the price realized as bitcoin retreated 50% from its all-time high, and reduced the price realized as the 2021 investor class capitalized significantly.
Looking at the date of the realized price, interesting patterns appear at different stages of the market, and the constant decline in the realized price is not a positive sign.

Chart # 022 From Daily Diving-A Deep Look At Chain Accumulation
“It is entirely possible that the realized price could follow a pattern similar to the 2013 cycle, when the realized price briefly started a downward trend before recovering with the start of the second act of the infamous “double bubble.””In our opinion, this is the most likely situation, the rat

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