Gedecentraliseerde TV vooruitgang als cudos banden, kripto temalı bir dizide sator ile bir araya geldi.

As Blockchain technology expands its horizons, attention is being drawn to Hollywood with the emergence of an entirely new decentralized series called “HODL,” which will feature tokens to attract fans and illuminate mining services for all.

Public to access token incentives and mining
Art imitates life as a story in one of the last manifestations of the blockchain universe, in which a budding entrepreneur represents the progress of the blockchain project for audiences.

1. and 2. Cudos, a decentralized blockchain network of levels, participated in the upcoming series “HODL” and the protocol of interaction with Sator fans to provide added value to viewers through the mining platform.

Shortly before” do your best, ” HODLE will revolve around Aveer, a symbolic project named after a lost friend that chronicles the comedy and drama that followed. The decentralized television series airs in 2022 based on the influence of real crypto life, while featuring real crypto personalities in October, in addition to the soon-to-be announced Hollywood a-lister who will be cast as satoshi Nakamoto.

The fictional work, which will be produced and distributed by Beacon Pictures in a decentralized format, was written by Chris Martin, who is also the CEO of Sator. Sator, which provides tokens (Sator) to attract fans to viewers, will encourage “HODL” viewers by connecting viewers to the show’s memories. Users who download the Sator app and view compatible content or participate in related interactive quizzes and games will have the chance to collect NFTS, win prizes and receive their own Sator token from the platform.

Between these projects, the series will introduce viewers with cudo Miner with the help of clips from the show Dec. Developed by Cudo, this mining application is designed to help users use spare computing power to generate tokens with a system that automatically adapts to extract the most profitable coins and maximize retu

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