Lanceert uitgebreid cloud mining-Aanbod

Global exchange of digital assets; it has launched comprehensive cloud mining offerings that allow you to take advantage of traditional cryptocurrency mining without the huge costs associated with the mining organization.

(See fig. down).Recently, IO launched extensive cloud mining packages, offering packages for just $ 47 for the first mining contract. Users can choose from a variety of cloud mining offerings based on their budget:

Ворота.yaptı conducted extensive research and selected trusted, leading mining farms located in Europe and North America to launch cloud mining services by providing comprehensive services that comply with local regulations but are distributed in a way that minimizes risks. The cloud mining service currently only supports bitcoin mining, and ethereum mining is scheduled to launch in the near future.

“Door.Monday August 23, the first batch of IO cloud mining contracts was launched at 22: 00 (UTC + 8) and sold out within the first 4 minutes of availability. it will continue to expand its cloud mining offering and continue to offer a wider range of products and services with optimal annual returns, & quot;
Marie Tachibue, Managing Director, the statement said:

Cloud Mining In A Nutshell

Many cryptocurrencies are generated through mining, and cryptocurrency mining becomes one of the more profitable and cost-effective ways to buy other cryptocurrencies. Over the years, mining equipment has become very modern and therefore expensive, making mining cryptocurrency increasingly difficult for the average user.

Enter cloud mining. Cloud mining is quite simple, ordinary users to buy mining contracts cloud mining companies, mining crypto currency mining to miners by giving them a portion of the profits from the capital to carry out activities of providing a win-win scenario can win.

Advantages of cloud mining

As well as a good annual profit on mining contracts, cloud mining brings a lot of g

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