Gartner report: NFT among 2021 deconstructing technologies

25 in the Gartner ad cycle this year. non-changeable tokens (NFTS), new technologies, digital technologies, humans, and physics-based artificial intelligence have been added to the technology profile.

NFT on top of thrill curve
Each year, US-based consulting firm Gartner releases its long-awaited list of 25 breakthrough technologies that will have the biggest impact on Business and society over the next decade. This year, NFTS joined Gartner’s list, also known as the ad cycle for new technologies, along with other technological innovations such as advanced digitization and artificial intelligence. Of course, we are all aware of the NFT concept. It is a crypto asset associated with real assets such as digital art, music and even property to verify ownership by recording relevant information on a decentralized blockchain. 

Understanding The Hype Cycle
Gartner Research’s” Hype Cycle ” model is a way to present different stages of the life cycle of breakthrough technology. The company produces an “advertising cycle” with 25 leading technologies and life cycles each year. The Model is used by research and investment analysts to build a more robust view of the potential of a particular innovation.

According to Brian Burke, vice president of research at Gartner, 

“Groundbreaking technologies are constantly emerging, challenging even the most innovative organizations to keep up. Your focus on digital transformation means accelerating change and stopping the hype around these technologies.”

The hype cycle is made up of stages-the tech launch, the peak of Inflated Expectations, The Valley of disappointments, the lighting tilt, the performance plateau. In 2021, the NFT reached its highest position at the peak of inflated expectations on the thrill curve. 

Confidence, growth, change-NFT reaches 3 goals
2021 technologies selected based on three main themes-engineering technologies

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