GamerHash token (GHX) is now listed on Exchange

PRESS RELEASE. Exchange is pleased to announce the GHX listing, which will begin trading at 10:00 AM (UTC) on May 27, 2021. GHX (GamerCoin) was created by the GamerHash team as an incentive for minors within the app and a reward for completing the tasks of the Play and Win module. GHX starts trading BTC in pairs. What is GamerHash? GamerHash is an ecosystem where players can use their computing power to earn Bitcoins. This is the core functionality of the platform created in 2017, which has gathered more than half a million players to date. One of the controversial points behind the recent growth of the GHX token is the currently operating platform that supports more than 600,000 registered users. A large number of users (mostly gamers) match the convenience of mining crypto on the platform – you can earn BTC by playing games or watching Netflix. At the same time, you will receive GamerCoin as a 20% bonus in addition to the BTC you received from me. Lower-tier PC owners with computers that are not mining-friendly can join Play & Earn, where they can continue to enjoy crypto rewards when they complete simple tasks such as playing games or signing up for the GamerHash partner platform. In short, GamerHash is a self-financing supercomputer built in a decentralized fashion with the help of gamers. Recently, GamerHash worked to become Silver Partner of Blockchain Game Alliance in collaboration with Exeedme – one of the most influential Crypto and Gaming associations; Sandbox, Enjin, ANRKeyX, Simplex and other major NFT projects. All of this means an important period of preparation for future partnerships, as well as the partnerships GamerHash already has with Chainlink and æternity. The platform is already successful thanks to a large number of users, but CMO company Artur Pszczółkowski wants to go even further and become an "NFT Amazon Amazon" – the team wants to convince their users to spend some of the things they "take off" to get their firsts. " receive

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