Fundstrat Briefing Maintains Six-Digit Bitcoin Price Forecast, $ 10K Ethereum Target

Fundstrat Global Advisors' latest weekly cryptocurrency briefing and company's chief digital asset strategist David Grider believes the target Bitcoin price of $ 100,000 per coin is still "solid." Fundstrat also estimates that the Ethereum price will reach a target of $ 10,000 as the entire crypto economy is "on track to hit $ 5,000 billion". Fundstrat Maintains $ 100,000 Target for Bitcoin Independent financial research firm Fundstrat has a very positive view of the current course of the forward-looking cryptocurrency markets. Fundstrat's digital asset strategist David Grider explains in the company's weekly digital asset briefing that bitcoin (BTC) was recovering after "a healthy recharge period last week." The Grider report continues, saying that "the macroeconomic environment continues to adapt and the bull market remains solid." Fundstrat Briefing Highlights: We believe the bull market will remain solid and we are keeping our Bitcoin price target at $ 100,000. One of the supporting reasons for Fundstrat's optimism is that the Federal Reserve meets this week and has decided to keep its quantitative easing policy intact. "Recent indications that the Fed is planning to stay accommodating should support risky assets like cryptocurrencies," Grider said. The digital assets strategist announced that the company was planning a rush for the crypto industry in January, and Fundstrat claimed this was largely happening. Grider said the company believes it will "be more and a new source of capital flows into the crypto economy." After talking about Bitcoin (BTC) and companies entering the crypto industry in the report, Fundstrat Grider announced that the company is holding a price target of $ 10.5k per ether, claiming that the crypto asset continues to perform "better. BTC". Ethereum's digital economy gives Fundstrat executives a bullish view, and the report says "great

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