FTX CEO gözichten reacts negatively to Bitcoin at Ethereum energie opmerkingen

The kryptovalyutnyh derivatives exchange prompted an angry reaction from the crypto community after Sam Bankman-fried CEO was chosen for bitcoin and Ethereum, meaning they are the most energy-intensive blockchain in space. 

Bankman-fried made the comments in a conversation with CNBC’s SquawkBox, which discussed the FTX Derivatives Exchange becoming carbon neutral as part of the Ftx Climate Initiative. 

FTX is completely carbon neutral 
Bankman-fried previously wrote on Twitter to announce that the FTX derivatives exchange had become carbon neutral. As it went on, he talked about efforts to achieve that goal, saying FTX donated $ 1 million and bought 100,000 tons of carbon compensation, which helped neutralize the impact of exchange-traded blockchain activity.

However, the FTX shift continues and finds other ways, such as allocating $ 1 million for continuous carbon capture and storage and another $ 500,000 for other research aimed at mitigating the effects of climate change. 

He said: “I think it is wise to limit exposure as much as possible in the short term. 

Bitcoin And Ethereum Eaters 
But Bankfan-fried said that the compensation for transactions that FTX facilitated was not free, and that he chose Bitcoin and Ethereum because they were the two most energy-consuming cryptocurrencies. He added that Ethereum will only switch to a bid verification protocol that consumes significantly less energy, making Bitcoin the most energy-consuming cryptocurrency. 

“I think the other side of this is that if you look at the power consumption of cryptocurrencies and there are only two big cryptocurrencies that have a big power consumption-that’s bitcoin and Ethereum, now the two biggest. That’s because the two job approval currencies (PoW) and job approval are where all the energy consumption comes from,”says Bankman-fried.

Community response 
Although you don’t criticize bitcoin or vote for another critic,

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