FTT token price forecast: FTX exchange Token (FTT) Bulls must maintain this line to start a strong upward trend

FTT token price up more than 30% from June low
FTT price followed upward channel for nearly 3 weeks
Ftt token should break and release its medium-term trend

Ftt coin prices overview
The FTT token was a huge success last year as it grew by more than 2000% from its low. The FTT token fell victim to the market trend and fell by more than -50% compared with ATH. FTX crypto exchange is the 3rd largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world.it becomes a common name as it approaches its volume. A strong correlation with FTT and FTX coin exchange has kept prices higher if there is a similar benefit in FTT to BNB and Binance. The Ftt token has more power than many other currencies, which have shown investors a potentially stronger peak of revival. 

The Ftx has been stuck in a rising channel for the past 3 weeks as traders battled for a strong breakout on both sides. Last week, the price of the FTT token experienced a deviation in the big resistance zone in the December of $30.55 – $31.95.

Based on our FTT token price estimate, the price should be lowered and released to make that mark reach the initial $ 34 target. Medium-term trendline (shown in black) along with this resistance zone. The FTT price also needs to break and hold that line so the Bulls have a chance to start a stronger upward trend.

Ftt token price forecast: 4-hour ftt / USDT chart

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At the time of writing, 200 MA prevented the price of the FTT token from dropping further. This moving average is also met by the lower trend line of the 3-week rising channel. If the bears manage to take control of the FTT token and break the two brands, the FTT price will drop to a massive $ 26.95. It would also break the three-week trend line, which would be a downgrade scenario for the FTT price, because it would likely suffer further declines.

Looking at stochastic RSI, we see that power is rolling in a large December

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