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Broxus, the chief developer of the freeton project, introduced the second version of the FreeTON Dex, tone swap. The update consists of refining existing features, expanding functionality and existing information, and adding important new features.

The Freeton project has been busy expanding its offerings to users this summer, working to attract and support promising, startup projects, and making progress in the Defi industry. The latest update of BROXUS-based tone Swap DeX is perhaps the most significant due to improvements to the exchange user interface and the foundation laid for the platform to become a launch pad for other projects in Defi.

Friton began a year and a half ago when work on Telegram’s open network ended with a court order. A community exploring the technology developed by the Durov brothers decided to take a mass approach to fund and implement a decentralized form of management that would work on and develop together, rather than leave the project unfulfilled.

As a result, the freeton project has become one of the most technologically impressive platforms, still at maturity, but already offers a glimpse into the opportunities it has to shake up the Defi field. Unprecedented scalability, surprisingly low-cost transaction costs (typically of the process %0.001% represent less than), robust security, and merit-based token system is a reliable community, it is not surprising that half of the project.

This summer was crucial for freeton as developers introduced many new products and perfected some existing features. Broxus, one of the leading development teams working on the project and a member of the Freeton defi Alliance, launched the first of the planned freeton Bridge Series Li

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