Formation Fi is a new start to revolutionize low-yield agriculture

Formation Fi is a new platform that aims to change the structure of the DeFI portfolio and bring a revolutionary approach to yield farming. The startup announced a successful strategic sales round, for which it received $ 3.3 million. A number of DeFi protocols were included in the sale, including major DeFi players such as Bancor, Synthetix and Polygon, as well as a number of leading investors. The financing will be used to develop the Fi Formation risk parity protocol that “rethinks and restructures the way we manage risk” by creating risk-adjusted parameters to determine the rate of return / risk for each risk unit. optimize. Formation Fi seeks to create a founding club solely by leveraging the support of the founders of the best DeFi companies it plans to partner with in the long term. Kristof Gagacki, co-founder of Formation, commented on the developments: “We are proud to harness the collective wisdom of some of DeFi's early pioneers. We are trying to come together with the approach of our Founders Club to continue on this path. To build and strengthen an experimental ecosystem and recognize smart efficient farming in the open finance world "Many projects want to take their first steps to create a Defi portfolio, but the 'smart yield farm 2.0' Training offers the same risk mitigation strategies as allowing hedge funds to dominate the stock market Rather than focusing solely on ALM, a risk parity strategy "will invest in different asset classes and use its effect. leverage to improve returns while controlling risk. DeFi has changed the way investments are made and opened up financing to a broader investment base. However, risk management is not implemented from the beginning. in the same way as traditional finance. Finance Fi's method to limit exposure to risk is as follows. drop the cryptocurrency they want and choose an index currency like Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Parity. Each index coin can be used for additional refunds at the owner's discretion.

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