Forget the lightning strike, Litecoin is about to hit Bitcoin twice

Litecoin was on the rise after a sharp drop against Bitcoin and the dollar. Could the cryptocurrency known as digital currency be the next altcoin to stand out like Ethereum, Dogecoin and the rest of the pack? Here's a closer look at the technical signs that a shift in the tides is here – a reversal from the LTCBTC trading pair that could bring relief to strike a second time. The long-standing separation between digital silver and gold The history of digital gold has triggered much of Bitcoin's growth over the past two years. The crypto market has become mainstream as the "fastest horse in the race against inflation" and as a way of protecting companies' cash reserves. Related reading | Now or Never: Litecoin Falls to the Bottom of the Top Ten Crypto Assets After Bitcoin, Ethereum is still gone for a long period of time, and other altcoins like Dogecoin are on the agenda in finance. Still, Litecoin was lagging behind. The once top ten titans of a cryptocurrency have since dropped completely off the list and started catching up. However, when momentum begins to emerge for Litecoin in higher timeframes versus Bitcoin, that moment may be now. Momentum Forms After The Hell Of Litecoin Owners Over 666 Days | Source: LTCBTC Litecoin on is preparing to strike against Bitcoin as Litecoin has currently had 666 hell days against BTC and digital gold has stolen the entire show for several years. But just like the real relationship between physical gold and silver, the ratio of silver improves in the following months, if not years after gold is lifted. The same is happening with Litecoin right now, as a season of altcoins is back in crypto and low liquidity coins are starting to accumulate all the capital. Related reading | Litecoin on the brink of Monster Move requires less capital to further increase the price of these coins and after such a long period of negative sentiment in Lit.

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