For the indefinite swaps of Solan-gebaserde, the exchange is drifting to more than $ 3.8 Million 

Imagine that Bitmex is decentralized and built on Solan, and you are beginning to understand the Polar Star of the Drift Protocol. And with $3.8 million in new capital in hand, the project is approaching its goal.

The funding round was led by Multicoin Capital, which was joined by Alameda Research, QCP Capital, Robot Ventures, Jump Capital, Not3Lau and a number of other angel investors.  

Despite their similarity to the heavyweights of Bitmex, there are some significant differences between the emerging DECI project and the cryptocurrency exchange, which, according to the press, has processed the transaction volume in the last 24 hours at about $ 2 billion. 

What is drift? 
Firstly, Drift uses the automatic market maker (SMP) option instead of an order book for traders to fill orders. Design choices can be found in all cryptography, but most decentralized exchanges (DEXS) choose SMPS. While AMMs is gaining popularity, there is still a compromise. 

Every time a transaction is made on an SMP platform such as Uniswap or Drift, traders should be aware of a frustrating shift. Slippage refers to the price dec between an placed order and an executed order. For example, in times of volatility, the gap between these two dec can be large, which puts traders in a difficult position. The shift is especially noticeable on exchanges that use the WMA model and may not be sufficiently liquid. 

The total value locked in Defi in Solan reached an all-time high of $ 12.7 billion
Although the order book exchanges are still suffering from slippage, the impact is decreasing due to the presence of third-party market makers. However, very often market makers charge a small commission to ensure that transactions are carried out in the most accurate way possible. 

This is the trade-off here: Should traders bear the brunt of the slide, potentially losing a percentage of their trade, or should market makers compensate to restrict the slide?

The second is what Cindy Leow, co-founder of Drift, calls “the recoverable value of the market maker.” Leou and his team also chose the dynamic one

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