For the first time since June, kriptorynka’s pump sees bitcoin (BTC) at $ 40k.

For the sixth day in a row, the world’s largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin has a Yesil position, trading at the highest level seen on June 16. Monday June 26 trading at $ 40,499, as bitcoin rose more than $ 40,000 amid the upward trend.

Although Bitcoin has been on an uptrend over cryptorynke, which briefly exceeded 40 thousand dollars, it cannot be considered an uptrend, at least not yet. Technically, for bitcoin to be considered bullish, the leading cryptocurrency must once again trade above 42 thousand dollars to be considered bullish.

Despite this, bitcoin has had a stellar week, rising more than 37% over the past six days to reach $ 40,499. Already, a brief pullback predicted by analysts could start with bitcoin currently trading around $ 37,300.

After a rapid price jump, bitcoin is expected to reset soon so buyers can profit and third-party investors are coming to the next stage. These items can be found at 50% Fibonacci correction and $ 34,650 or 62% Fibonacci correction at $ 33,353.

Bitcoin hits $ 40K: behind the push
Bitcoin, which exceeded $ 40,000 for the first time in six weeks, should be the most talked about news in crypto today. More from the news that fueled the upward trend.

Behind bitcoin’s journey to the top of the New Moon is Amazon; one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms. There was a bullish trend in the market, as an unconfirmed report showed Amazon was preparing to accept payments in bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and other cryptocurrencies.

Immediately after an Amazon Insider reported that the e-commerce giants were planning to add crypto to their platforms in the short term, the report seemed solid. Although Amazon has publicly denied such statements, the news during the Asian session did not stop bitcoin from rising above $ 40,000. What’s really right is Amazon’s desire to add a digital currency and blockchain specialist to its payments team.

Tesla is back

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