Fold opens access to the Sats-Back debit card and announces the $ 13 million Series A.

The Bitcoin Fold rewards platform opened access to the Bitcoin reward card and announced a $ 13 million fundraising event. The Bitcoin Rewards Fold app has announced that the cashback debit card is now available to all US residents. "Instead of offering points or airline miles typically found in most card programs, Fold offers Bitcoin rewards through a gaming experience that emphasizes healthy financial habits," said a statement shared with Bitcoin Magazine. Fold card holders can earn a variety of rewards by spinning a prize wheel after each eligible purchase, such as getting back 100% of their purchases in bitcoin, or even earning a full bitcoin like ten users have done so far. The waiting list for the card has been open since last year. The statement said that since the Fold's launch in 2019, it has created a waiting list of more than 250,000 people waiting to access the card. More than 20,000 cardholders have participated in an early access program with over $ 100 million traded since November 2020. Fold also announced the completion of the $ 13 million Series A fundraising event led by Craft Ventures with the participation of M13, Slow Ventures and Bessemer. The company will use the capital to grow the rewards platform so that it can offer bitcoin rewards to users of any credit or debit card in the country. And it hopes to offer a Bitcoin award-winning credit card by the end of the year. "We were pioneers of Bitcoin awards to make Bitcoin accessible to everyone," said Will Reeves, CEO of Fold. "Among the appreciation of Bitcoin and our generous rewards, people have made more money in their Fold Rewards accounts over the years than they've created over the years."

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