Focus on the ether markets: why is the price rising?

Ether broke new records by breaking $ 3,400 and “ spinning '' bitcoin in option volume. First Mover discusses crypto market analysis with Marketgauge Managing Director, Michele Schneider. Nikhilesh De announced Coinbase's decision to expand support for the stablecoin chain. Decentralized Finance Why did the Oracle Umbrella Network move from Ethereum to the Binance smart chain? We are hearing from the founder of the network, Sam Kim. CoinDesk TV's flagship program "First Mover" provides investors with the most important information about the global market, business and legislation impacting digital assets. Hosted by CoinDesk's Christine Lee, Lawrence Lewitinn and Emily Parker, "First Mover" is a daily showcase from journalists and CoinDesk partners from around the world, as well as high-profile visitors such as top news creators, influencers, analysts, traders and trend viewers on crypto exchanges. offers shipments.

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