• FinTech Futures presents Dock – a virtual roundtable experience

    Unforeseen change demands innovation and inspires evolution.

    Last year we were all forced to innovate when physical meetings became unviable. We turned to digital communication tools to do business and created online events to share ideas. Innovation, however, is a process of trial and error and many of these solutions could not replicate or replace the benefits of physical interaction.

    Along with the rest of the industry, the staff of FinTech Futures attended many digital events in 2020. More than we could take! Often, we left wishing the experience could have been more useful, informative and, above all, much more personal.

    After reflecting on what was good and what wasn’t, we’ve created Dock, an evolution of both the digital event and the out-dated conference formats. Before you roll your eyes thinking “another new digital project”, bear with us, Dock is different.

    Dock plays host to virtual roundtables for you to discuss the industry’s pertinent problems with your peers and experts. It was built to facilitate quality conversations aimed at problem solving and developing practical, real-world solutions to shared challenges.

    No exhibitions, no influencers, no press, no sales-pitches, no time wasting. Just high quality conversations with the people that matter.

    The discussions will be held in small groups so everyone gets a chance to delve into the topic and come away with useful, actionable insights. You can join as few or as many of the roundtables as you wish and everything said will be treated in the strictest confidence.

    Dock takes place on 18-19 May and is free to attend for those working in banks and financial institutions, you just need to register your place on our website.

    The topics we will be focusing on include:

    Front and back office
    Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)
    Digital identity and verification
    Low-code tech
    Embedded finance and super apps

    You can explore the full agenda here and register your free place here.

    This is the first time FinTech Futures has created an experience like Dock, and as veterans in the world of fintech information, we truly believe Dock is something different. We hope to see you at Dock in May, don’t forget to register quickly before the limited number of places are taken.

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