FinovateFall Digital 2020 Sneak Peek: DQLabs

A look at the companies demoing at FinovateFall Digital on September 14 through 16, 2020. Register today and save your spot.

DQLabs is an AI/ML augmented data quality platform that provides a simple way for organizations to handle issues around data quality, governance, curation, and master data management effectively.


  • Discover trustable high quality data in minutes using AI/ML
  • View a unified platform for data management needs
  • Conduct data ingestion, catalog, profiling, curation, governance, and MDM– all done in a few clicks

Why it’s great
DQLabs helps you to manage data smarter and automatically learns and improves data quality as business strategy shifts. Say bye to rules, ETL, and workflow. Welcome into the AI/ML world of data management.


Raj Joseph, CEO
Joseph is a thought leader and visionary in the fields of modern data management and augmented analytics, and has two decades of experience around data science, AI/ML and enterprise data solutions.

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