Financial Waakhond Finsen Werft Allerrste Chief Digital Currency Advisor

Tuesday Finnish Financial Crime Fighting Network (FinCEN) announced that the misuse of cryptocurrencies was a national priority after the agency announced it had hired its first digital currency advisor. Michael Mosier, acting director of FinCEN, said the agency’s new crypto specialist”will be Michelle Corver, who has a wealth of experience in the field of digital currencies.”

Finnish buys former digital currency Justice Department adviser as new digital currency adviser
Finnish, a US regulator that fights domestic and international financial crime, announced that the organisation had hired its first digital currency adviser (DCA). Michelle Corver will be Finsen’s first DCA after working for the Justice Department (DOJ) and for 20 years as a former federal prosecutor.

Corver will perform DCA functions under a Finnish director and aims to “enhance FinCEN’s leading role in the field of digital currencies by working with internal and external partners.” Finnish is poised to redouble its efforts to use cryptocurrencies illegally, as the Financial Supervisory Authority spoke about” abuse of exploited virtual assets ” in a priority report last week.

“Michel has a wealth of experience in digital currencies and will be a great leader in coordinated efforts to maximize FinCEN’s contribution to the potential for innovative financial expansion while minimizing illicit financial risks,” Mosier said in a statement on Tuesday.

Working with the Justice Department, Corver served as a digital currency consultant in the Criminal Investigation Department. He advised Federal employees on issues related to crypto assets in cases related to “charging decisions and other prosecution strategies.””In relation to digital monetary policy, Corver has also collaborated with the Treasury’s financial stability Supervisory Board and the financial activities task force (FATF).

Michael Mosier was recently appointed Acting Director and new Deputy Director on April 2, 2021, and he also has

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