Fidelity to increase cryptocurrency staff by 70%, president sees “more interest in ether” “

According to Tom Jessop, president of Fidelity Digital Assets, the company plans to increase its staff by 70% as demand for cryptocurrencies continues to occupy the company. Fidelity Digital Assets, the asset management company Fidelity Investments Inc. a subsidiary of.. it also faced significant demand for ethereum.

Demand for crypto pushes Fidelity’s digital assets to staff growth
Fidelity Digital Assets is looking for more employees at its branches in Boston, Salt Lake City and Dublin, according to an interview with Bloomberg’s Tom Jessop. The new employees will be dedicated to creating new products spread across bitcoin as well as other areas of crypto assets.

“[2020] was a real breakthrough year for space, given the interest in bitcoin that accelerated when the pandemic began, ” Jessop said. But Jessop added:

We have seen more interest in ether, so we want to get ahead of this problem.

The company will also trade more frequently in digital currencies, jessop stresses. He explained that crypto trading is a 24/7 environment, unlike traditional Sundays. “We want to be in a place where we work full-time for most of the week,” Fidelity Digital assets said in an interview.

Fidelity’s head of digital assets describes new types of corporate demand
Jessop also explained that corporate enthusiasm for crypto assets still exists and is growing. The chairman explained that hedge funds and family offices were turning to the company for service. But these days, Jessop explained, companies and retirement institutions are also entering the crypto world.

The president of Fidelity Digital Assets interviewed Matthew Leising, a Bloomberg employee who regularly covers the crypto scene. A few years ago, Leisen wrote an article in which satoshi Nakamoto claimed to have written a book. Last year, Jessop announced that bitcoin is not yet a real store of value, but remains positively a leading crypto

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