Fetch.ai floating NFT platform for art built using machine learning

Downloading blockchain-based artificial intelligence, Fetch.ai announced the launch of COLEARN NFT Art, a platform that allows creators to create artwork based on trained machine learning (ML) models. In keeping with the capabilities of the new platform, up to 100 creatives can create a single piece of art by creating an abstract composition and jointly owning works of art created by artificial intelligence.

Non-exchangeable tokens (NFTS) provide a secure way to prove ownership of a digital commodity on the blockchain. They are characterized by their rarity and have become a vital example of the use of blockchain technology in recent years. There is a three-step process to build using NFT Fetch.ai platform. The first stage consists of a Dutch auction with the participation of a number of participants. The winners of this auction will be selected to join the team that makes up the NFT.

The winners of the Dutch auction are then determined in the process of collective learning to train the machine learning algorithm for a particular piece of art created. Participants use a notebook, and the ML algorithm creates abstract drawings based on the generated images.

– Get him.The NFT AI platform is unique in that the real artist behind every NFT is an art model, not a human being, “he said. Fetch.ai” as NFTS continue to gain popularity, trained machine learning algorithms will facilitate the process of users creating and selling these abstract compositions.”

NFTs are becoming mainstream
Metaverse NFT has a big impact, and the move attracts retail investors significantly. Initially, NFTS gained great popularity with groundbreaking projects such as cryptokitties. However, with Beeple’s record daily sales of about $ 69 million to Ethereum, many corporate brands realized that the transition to new technologies was taking place.

From Marvel Studios to US payments giant Visa, it embraces NFS I

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