Fed has bullish trend above CBDCs

Dallas Federal Reserve Chairman Robert Kaplan said he believes the U.S. central bank will eventually release its own digital currency, believing that this is the last mile when it comes to digitizing the system. 

According to Kaplan, the Central Bank is actively working on this, , 

“Over the next few years-I can imagine the Fed is actively working on it now-and I can see the reasons why this is ultimately developed; China is already conducting its own experiment with this. The Fed is still far from decision-making and is currently exploring issues, including potential impacts on banks.”

The Other Side Of The Spectrum 
Like Robert Kaplan, who positively rates the Central Bank and the cryptogeld market, Minneapolis Federal Reserve System President Neil Kashkari takes a different view of crypto markets. Kashkari stated that he does not believe the world’s largest and most popular cryptocurrency has no real use cases, exposing the digital asset sector to deception and fraud. 

“The cryptocurrency is 95% made up of fraud, hype, noise and confusion,”Kashkari said at the Pacific Northwest Economic Zone’s annual summit.

While cryptocurrencies have gained significant popularity over the course of this year, they are still seen as a very speculative and risky asset compared to traditional Sundays. 

Views On Monetary Policy Plans 
Kashkari also outlined his views on monetary policy plans, noting that he still sees a significant decline in labor markets. He suggested he might need to see more convincing business reports before supporting the $ 120 billion-a-month purchase of Treasury and mortgage bonds. 

The comments by the head of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve are crucial as they come amid growing talk of the timing of def funding withdrawals during the covid period when the economy is trying to recover

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