FBI warns digital bureaus and cryptocurrency owners of potential threats

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued an industry-wide warning this week about possible attacks on exchanges and cryptocurrency holders. There are threats that actively monitor virtual asset platforms to seize these assets, leading to financial losses in the process, the agency said. SIM card exchange, account theft and technical support personnel are the tools to carry out these attacks.

FBI awaits cryptocurrency attacks
Last week, the FBI issued a warning about impending attacks on exchanges and cryptocurrency holders. The alert was decommissioned using the TLP protocol, which is designed to spread accurate information between specific groups. Dec Yesil has received a green designation, which means the FBI can share this information with peer-to-peer and partner organizations in the crypto community.

The FBI said there are groups actively monitoring vulnerabilities in those companies to take action. Describes how these groups use a method group to access these resources. These include sim exchange, decommissioning, and account theft. The warning also includes some guidelines for institutions to secure their assets: tracking incoming emails and checking accounts for unusual movements.

The FBI advises cryptocurrency owners to always use two-factor authentication and be aware of the information they share on social networks. However, SIM card swap attacks are very difficult to prevent.

SIM card sharing
SIM card swap attacks are difficult to solve because they are relatively easy to perform. The attacker only needs to get the potential victim’s phone number. These attackers then act in two different forms: the first involves identity theft, the attackers, mad tech representatives, believe that the victim has lost or been harmed by the SIM card. At the same time, they are asked to give the attacker a new SIM card.

Another vector is insider contacts at the phone company. Attacker uses this person

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