FBI warns crypto stakeholders of potential cyber attacks

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has issued a warning that cybercriminals are increasingly targeting cryptocurrencies, third-party payment platforms and private digital asset owners.

In a warning first issued by BLEEPING Computer, the FBI says cybercriminals use a variety of techniques, such as identity theft, to gain access to the cryptographic data of their victims.

“According to the FBI, the attackers, technical support, fraud, exchange the SIM card (SIM card theft and identity theft or account crypto accounts crypto currency market through the purchase of their target currencies, including various tactics they’re using to launder and steal and take control.”

According to the report, the FBI recorded a number of cases of cryptographic data theft involving various types of identity theft and simulations throughout the year.

May May 2020 to May 2021, the US security service [FBI] observed and received reports from victims that cybercriminals decimated cryptocurrency.:

– access to victims ‘ accounts of cryptocurrency exchanges after bypassing two-factor authentication

– simulate payment platforms or cryptocurrency exchange support staff in phone calls initiated by online tech support fraud victims

– SIM card swap attacks targeting customers of multiple phone operators”

After changing their SIM cards,” criminals can log into their victims ‘bank or cryptocurrency accounts to steal money and virtual assets, and lock the victims’ accounts after changing passwords,” the report said.

The FBI recommends that vulnerable organizations take several preventive measures, including enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA).

“The FBI advises financial institutions that may be the targets of similar attacks to check emails from fake email addresses and track and track newly created accounts.

Cryptocurrency owners are encouraged to enable multi-factor authentication( MFA) on all cryptocurrency accounts and reject download requests

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