FBI seizes 800 Beverly Hills lockers with $86M, lawyers argue Fed raid 'unconstitutional'

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is under fire for alleged unconstitutional confiscation of 800 lockers in Beverly Hills. According to reports, the FBI seized $86 million in cash, jewelry, and thousands of gold and silver bullion. Box owners and their attorneys are suing federal law enforcement for insufficient evidence that the boxes contain evidence of certain crimes. Abuse of power? Lawyers believe that the FBI unconstitutionally confiscated people's savings. The FBI confiscated more than 800 lockers from the US Private Safes store in Beverly Hills. Reports indicate that the FBI received a warrant from a California magistrate to confiscate the store's "business equipment" allegedly linked to a money laundering case. LA Times reporter Michael Finnegan explains that the warrant prevented a search of the contents of the safe. "This order does not permit a criminal search or seizure of the contents of lockers," says the permit signed by US magistrate Steve Kim. Video footage from the US court in California shows federal agents confiscating items held at the US Private Safes store in Beverly Hills. Lawyers say the FBI abused its power and the confiscations were unconstitutional. 369 of the boxes contained $86 million worth of valuables and the raid took five days. Federal agent Thom Mrozek denies any wrongdoing, saying that 75 boxes have been returned and 175 boxes will be returned to their owners. The owners and lawyers of the lockers believe the FBI got them wrong. To date, 11 lawsuits have been filed against the federal agency by cabinet owners. Lawyers representing multiple box owners said federal law enforcement did not receive a standard order stating probable cause. Benjamin Gluck, an attorney representing US Private Safes store box owners, said the FBI's

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