FaZe Banks Continue To Deny Involvement In Crypto Fraud

Richard “feyz” banks of the feyz clan reacted to a recent crypto scandal in which he said some members of his group had not participated in the kryptonoso scam and were dumping “save the children.”

While a number of members of the e-sports organisation FaZe Clan have been sacked or sacked, banks have sought to distance themselves from members involved in the matter. The influential person recently denied any involvement in the cryptocurrency and criticized those involved.:

“I don’t know why it wasn’t 100% clear at this point, but I also didn’t join and didn’t know about these savethekids and the FaZe Clan. The people involved behaved like individuals and did all this nonsense on their own and it was taken off as a result”

Banks tweeted about his involvement and were pleased to make it clear that the FaZe Clan was also not involved in crypto fraud. 

Members of the faze Clan participated in the crypto scam, promoting altcoin” save the children” and then zeroing in on their investment. As the group overthrew Kay, the dismissed members of the feyz clan were Jarvis, Nikan, and Tico.

Although FaZe Banks have denied any involvement in this particular scam with altcoins, banks are known to promote various cryptocurrencies and altcoins. Recently bsocial cryptocurrency promotion was considered by many as hypocrisy by the bank, cryptomonet, its value has fallen steadily after its promotion. 

Introducing cryptocurrency to a younger and less financially experienced audience is what many call a problem. The Feiz clan drama, which draws the attention of top influencers to a certain subcoine, is just the tip of the iceberg. This exposes the ethical side of influence by spreading what some see as ill-informed financial advice to an unqualified and easily manipulated audience.

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