Famous Hamburger Restaurant Chain White Castle Joins Crypto Movement

Highly reputed and famous hamburger restaurant chain White Castle has also joined the moving crypto train by registering with the Ethereum Name Service (ENS). The brand took to its official Twitter page on Thursday to announce the development.

Famous Hamburger Restaurant Chain White Castle Registers on Ethereum Name Service, Makes Another Announcement
An ENS can be likened to the Domain Name System (DNS) of the regular Internet, but just in a crypto way. And in the same way one can purchase a domain, White Castle has now bought the whitecastleofficial.eth address.

This means that instead of the usual long string of random letters that is common with most wallet addresses, people could now simply send crypto to the “whitecastleofficial.eth” address.

Not done with the announcements, White Castle also changed its avatar to a “Seahams” NFT on the same day, captioning it; “Probably nothing”.

Meanwhile, information available on Etherscan indicates that the address linked to White Castle ENS name and the NFT actually began its crypto operations since Wednesday, December 8, using Coinbase exchange to facilitate most of its transactions.

More Brands Embracing Crypto
No doubt, 2021 has been one heck of a year for brand adoption of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and the famous hamburger restaurant chain White Castle White Castle might just be the latest to join the movement. Recall that, all through the year, brands like Nike, Budweiser, and Taco Bell all adopted crypto and NFTs in their promotion campiagns.

For instance, Budweiser has so far launched no less than 1,936 NFTs since it began doing so, with each coming at a cost of between $499 and $1000. And just in the same manner, Taco Bell also launched a series of NFT collectibles back in March, selling them all a short while after.

So far though, White Castle has also made at least one sale, with Brantly Millegan, the director of operations at ENS, saying he would buy some White Castle as soon as possible.

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