Family Who Went To “Va-Bank” For Bitcoin For $ 900 Sheds Fortune On Four Continents

Meet the “bitcoin family,” the decentralized life of nomads living solely on bitcoins. Didi Taihuttu, 43, has a wife and three children. They are known as the family that liquidated all their assets in 2017 to save Bitcoin when it traded around $ 900. Taihuttu is a true example of bitcoin enthusiasts. On his website, after losing his mother and then father , he ” began to think more about life and discovered that the life I lived was not the life I wanted to live. I felt that life could go too fast and that I needed to change.”

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The Dutchman sold his 11-year-old company along with everything he owned, from home to children’s toys. Later, while waiting for the crypto tree to arrive, he bought a van on the way with his family to live a minimalist nomadic life. This happened in 2017.

Taihuttu & # 39; s longtime involvement in bitcoin

Before it became popular, Didi learned about bitcoin in 2013. He started bitcoin mining with two friends. According to Taihuttu, ” I’m an entrepreneur, so when I first heard about Bitcoin, I said: let’s do it.”Unfortunately, this attempt failed, so he closed it. According to him, he lost faith in BTC during the collapse in 2014.

The BTC price now fluctuates around $ 46,000 / source: BTCUSD on

It continued to intersect with cryptocurrency, but its relationship with Bitcoin is not over. When he saw more people start buying bitcoins, he concluded that this would be followed by a monetary revolution. And he wasn’t wrong. This revelation led him to everything. At that time, after selling all his assets, it is estimated that he managed to buy more than 350 bitcoins worth about 100 thousand dollars.

Family’s secret crypto repositories

The family amassed a fortune in investments and decided to make it for themselves

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