Family loses $ 6,900, 000 ETH access, says they’ll never get wallet file from Ethereum Foundation

The family is asking the public for help in obtaining an ethereum (ETH) wallet file worth millions of dollars from the ethereum Fund. 

Fundraiser GoFundMe’s Yukiko Williams claims 3000 ETH was purchased at the ethereum coins (ICO) primary placement event in 2014. 

The Ethereum Foundation sent them a JSON file that would give them access to a wallet containing tokens, but they encountered technical problems with the file, Williams said.

“A wallet address filled with an encrypted password was successfully created, while the main JSON file refused to respond properly.”

Williams said the Ethereum Foundation was supposed to send them an email with the JSON file of the backup wallet, but that never happened. 

“Although we did our best to access our wallet, ethereum, on the other hand, assured us that they would email us the wallet backup file. Unfortunately, none of its final results followed the decision, as the email never arrived.

After a year of private sales, Ethereum has taken off the air. The success of the project and the fact that it has attracted millions of cryptocurrency enthusiasts like you and me who believe in blockchain technology and decentralization has made them even more difficult.”

After seven years of failed attempts to get the dossier, Williams says the family’s next step is applying through the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Williams is raising money to help cover costs because filing a lawsuit at this level can require huge legal fees.

According to the GoFundMe page, the family is paying $ 250,000 for the lawsuit.

At the time of writing, Ethereum was trading at $ 6.93, more than $ 2310 million.The 3,000 ETH is worth more than $ 6.93 million.

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