Family Goes To Bitcoin For $ 900, Keys Are Stored All Over The World

Didi Taihuttu said her family was geographically dispersed by bitcoins in cold rooms. The famous “Bitcoin family” sold their home and in 2017 amassed their assets to buy more Bitcoins.
Didi Taihuttu, his wife and children told CNBC today in an interview about geographically distributed bitcoins in cold storage. The famous “bitcoin family” sold their home and in 2017 amassed their assets to buy more bitcoins for a living.
A Dutch family’s hardware portfolios are kept in secret vaults around the world.
Didi explained: “I’ve kept hardware wallets in various countries, so I’ll never have to fly too far if I need access to my cold wallet to get out of the market.”
Taihuttu revealed that its hardware portfolios were distributed across four continents: two in Europe, two in Asia, one in Australia and one in South America. Its goal is to keep bitcoin in cold rooms on every continent.
Didi also told CNBC that none of the hardware wallets were underground or on a remote island, but that they were all stored in places like rental apartments, places to store personal items and friends ‘ homes.
He went on to explain that 26% of Bitcoin and other crypto funds are stored in hot wallets, where he trades daily and bets on altcoins. However, the rest of bitcoin is in the fridge.

Bitcoiners stress their importance and often encourage people to seize their coins and use self-preservation solutions while they are refrigerated because, like Didi, they tend to view banks and other savers as “too risky.”
However, the family informed fans of the third-party watchdog, who used the highly prized settings to plan the inheritance.
“There are good conditions for inheritance,” Didi told CNBC. “When he dies, these companies deal with it, and I believe they’re really great.”
This interview aired the day Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA) attended

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