Exploring the Gamestop NFT website with the hidden retro Easter Egg game

Following the infamous Wallstreetbets story a few months ago, Gamestop is doing a lot better than a year ago. Now, a new website called nft.gamestop.com says the company is diving into blockchain technology with non-exchangeable tokens created with Ethereum. Listed as 'Power of Players', the company Gamestop (Nasdaq: GME) has launched a new website for apparently non-exchangeable tokens (NFTs). Since Gamestop has not officially announced the project, it is not fully aware of what the public web portal means. However, on April 8, 2021, Gamestop announced that it was hiring a security analyst but was looking for someone experienced in blockchain, cryptocurrency and NFTs. Following the offer, it was suspected that Gamestop would somehow use blockchain technology. The website was discovered by some members of the Ethereum community and the news went viral on Twitter. The website called Nft.gamestop.com looks very retro and shows an Ethereum-like cartridge attached to a Gameboy-like handheld gaming device. "Power for gamers, power for creators, power for collectors," he says. The website also displays an Ethereum smart contract address. The smart contract was called "Gamestop" and was created on May 25, 2021. According to Etherscan, several transactions have already been sent to the ETH smart contract. The website also states that the company "formed a team". "We welcome outstanding engineers (power, responsiveness, python), designers, players, marketers and community leaders," he says on his website. "If you would like to join our team, send your profile or anything you create to: nfteam@gamestop.com." The landing page also has a small white dot in the upper right corner of the page that leads to an interesting surprise game. To play the game, the player has to use the space bar on the keyboard to start the race. Gamestop stocks have been doing well lately and

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