EVDC is the first cryptocurrency used to charge electric vehicles

EVDC is the first decentralized token to be used as currency for charging EVs.The evdc token that runs on Pancakewap and Uniswap. 18 billion coins were sold in the pre-sale.Migration completed 07/11.

 Electric vehicle charging   

 Home car owners are often unhappy that they have trouble finding a charging station and paying for it. Various charging stations are installed in different locations, but electric vehicle owners are not aware of this. Also, fast charging is not possible at all charging stations. As a result, long queues form at these stations.  

 With electric vehicle sales rising, many companies have developed mobile and web apps to make it easier to pay for charging stations. Despite many alternatives, payment was delayed at charging stations due to network connectivity issues, lack of app membership, lack of app-related bank accounts and other factors. These challenges can delay the billing process. This requires a faster and easier approach to completing the payment process at charging stations.  

 Evdc application 

 Cryptocurrency is a new way of making secure payments. Payment at charging stations using electric vehicle direct currency or EVDC can be made in seconds via the evdc smartphone app. EVDC is a digital currency that can be used to charge electric vehicles. The only requirement is that the phone is near the charger.  

With the EVDC app, homeowners do not need to register an account in the charging network before making a payment. When an EVDC user wants to pay, the app will create a guest account for it. EVDC users can deposit money in Fiat currency and convert it to EVDC using the app.  

The EVDC app will be released in September 2021, and transactions will be rewarded after launch. Test flight is available on iOS / Android up to 06/01. 

What is the future of EVDC?  

Evdc access point with rapid expansion of charging stations

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