European digital identity: Talao announces professional authentication solution

Talao, a blockchain-based digital identity specialist for the human resources industry, today announced a professional authentication application for identity conversion and data management for the human resources industry. The application is the first decentralized self-identification (SSI) solution built on the Tezos blockchain for the human resources industry. The digital wallet created by Talao will allow companies to provide verifiable professional credentials and store employees ‘ work history and other personal data.

“The European digital identity strategy is clear, companies will soon communicate with their employees and employees through digital identity wallets. These applications enable authentication, exchange of credentials, and signing of messages or documents. By relying on Tezos and working with Nomadic Labs and Spruce, we want to contribute to decentralized infrastructure for future work. An infrastructure where privacy, security, simplicity and verified data are the norm”, –
Talao’s Chief Operating Officer explains Thierry Thevene.

Talao’s decision follows the recommendations of the European self-regulating identity framework (ESIF) to comply with the EU’s future set of digital identity tools. It is based on the self-identification model (SSI) and W3C standards for verifiable credentials and decentralized identification (DID). It is equipped with a reliable open source spruce SDK, the first SSI wallet to use the Tezos blockchain as an identity register (DID). Trusted uses the W3C view query specifications implementation, which enables the sharing of credentials between SSIS decommissioning services.

Talao ID card use case includes:

Job seekers share their career data without multiple checks and burdens of control and value their experience as certified recommendations,
companies cut resume fraud and step up hiring top talent,
Freelancers prove their personality, skills and qualifications

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