Ethereum's Surprising Rise to an All-Time High is Just the Beginning, Says Crypto Trader Elliot Wainman – Here's Why

Ethereum hit an all-time high on Wednesday, and popular crypto trader Elliot Wainman believes the second largest crypto asset is just getting started. Wainman tells his 313,000 YouTube subscribers that he believes the leading smart contract platform has more advantages over Bitcoin (BTC). "I have a broken record on the importance and potential of Ethereum as a fundamental protocol for the future of finance, and an asset that simply needs to evolve to its fundamentals." The analyst points to a chart showing that the number of users actively using the popular Ethereum wallet MetaMask shared on Twitter is rapidly increasing. Monthly active MetaMask users – Documenter Ethereum (@DocumentEther) April 28, 2021 Wainman says, “If you are in the tech world or have created a tech product or have tried to raise money in the tech world, your almost full score is on how many users you can keep on your network and keep them active. You know it will depend. This chart tells it all: Let the Ethereum network have more active users than ever before. That's why Ethereum is so dear to me. And I say it over and over again: Ethereum is not more valuable because it has a faster, cheaper or easier user experience [there], more valuable because it has developers, users, and continues to grow. The trader argues that simple supply and demand laws dictate that the Ethereum price will rise. According to CoinGecko, the value of ETH was trading at around $ 3,391.6 at the time of writing, and has already increased by 33.9% in the past seven days. Wainman claims that the highly anticipated EIP 1159 update, which aims to make the Ethereum network more profitable, will reduce the supply of the asset. Now understand that there are always fees to be burned on every Ethereum transaction. This means that every time you use the Ethereum network, your actual amount

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