Ethereum surpasses $ 4K by mining new ATH, ether dominance rises to 20%

The price of Ethereum, the second largest crypto asset in terms of market valuation, reached its all-time high (ATH) at $ 4,246 per unit on Monday. Ethereum saw a drop of 2.129% in 12 months against the US dollar last year. Ethereum reached new high prices, “ reversal '' trend started Ethereum (ETH) reached a new ATH on Monday from $ 4,246 per ether. ETH has risen over 6% in the past 24 hours and 21.9% weekly. Compared to Bitcoin (BTC), ETH has risen 19% over the past seven days. 30-day statistics show that ETH increased 96% and 90-day data shows that ether increased by 136%. The increase in the price of Ethereum significantly reduced the dominance of Bitcoin (BTC), of which BTC today controls only 43%. The dominance of ETH is 19.6% and it is increasing day by day. The data show that the volume reported for ETH is about $ 54.7 billion, while statistics from Messari show that the volume could be $ 12.2 billion. While ETH's dominance has grown significantly, crypto enthusiasts believe the crypto asset could potentially tip BTC. The term "inversion" is popular on Twitter, and some people consider the possibility of ETH dominating BTC. Someone tweeted on Monday, "Maxis is catching the truth." We've gone a little more than twice now. Indeed, the reversal could take much less than 5 years, ”he added. Ethereum Onchain data continues to outperform Bitcoin, the $ 85 billion locked in Defi data also shows that ETH has been processing more transactions and investing more money than BTC in recent months. According to data from Into the Block, cardholders earning money at the current price are 100%. The concentration of large ETH holders is 41%, and the correlation with BTC is only 0.09% on Monday afternoon. The demographics of transactions between East and West today is 50/50 for Ethereum, and the composition of holders for one year based on retention period is 57%. Total locked-in value (TVL) of decentralized finance (defi) is currently over $ 85

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