Ethereum Superiority? ETH adds more than 5 million unique addresses in 30 days

If more than 5 million new addresses have been added to the asset in the last 30 days, ethereum remains in the implementation path. This comes as bitcoin continues to record a decline in the number of active addresses on the network.

Ethereum remains the largest network of smart contracts and the second largest cryptocurrency in the world. June Dec July 6 Ethereum added 5.37 million unique addresses to the network, according to a data collection released from June 6 to July 6. These addresses correspond to an average of 173,000 addresses added each day during the month.

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Currently, the number of unique Ethereum addresses is about 162.2 million. The recent increase in Ethereum demand is the main driver of the rapid increase in the number of addresses investors have registered.

The increased demand is due to a series of changes and updates brought to the ethereum ecosystem. And with changes and updates, customers have had new opportunities to make cryptocurrency while helping to make the network safer and more efficient.

Ethereum hardfork in London
One factor driving the growing demand for ETH is London hardfork. Fork promises notable changes and improvements to the network, and so investors attracted to Ethereum saw how good network usage would be.

According to this binance article, hardfork Ethereum London is a planned update of the ethereum blockchain. This update was to occur shortly after the Berlin hardfork, which took place in April 2020. The update in London will make significant changes to the ethereum network.

Ethereum price falls even as demand increases / source: ETHUSD on
The most important of these changes will be the Ethereum transaction payment system. It’s public relations.

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