Ethereum summary: 300 ETH is lost when passing 200,000 validators.

Ethereum has had a busy and busy week, beginning with the announcement that ethereum 2.0 has passed 200,000 validators in India and plans to use the Ethereum blockchain to provide tamper-proof diploma certificates. Let’s look at some events in the Ethereum field. 

Ethereum 2.0 passes 200,000 verifiers, an increase in eth rates 
Ethereum 2.0 passed 200,000 verifiers this week, with a total of 6.6 million ETH distributed on the platform, equivalent to a total of $ 14 billion. In Ethereum 2.0, there is a constant increase in the number of verifiers joining the platform. Ethereum 2.0 added 20,000 new volunteers, jumping from 180,000 validators to 200,000 validators in less than four weeks. 

The addition of new verifiers also significantly increased the number of ETS deployed on the platform. A month ago, the platform was valued at about $ 12.7 billion by ETH. At the time of writing, that figure had risen to $ 14 billion in ETH. 

Permanent Approval 
Ethereum has recently seen an increase in popularity, and with the adoption of the ethereum 2.0 chain of mergers, we will officially begin to observe the process of Ethereum’s transition from a business approval mechanism to a rate approval compromise mechanism. London-based ethereum hardfork will see the EIP-1559 gas burning charge after replacing its existing auction mechanism. Basic fees will be included in the next block, allowing users to add tips to process their transactions faster. 

India To Use Ethereum Blockchain In Higher Education 
The government of the Indian state of maharashtra has announced a partnership with LegitDoc. This Indian blockchain startup will help implement an identity system that will provide tamper-proof diploma certificates. Ethereum blockchain will strengthen the system.  

Fight Against Increasing Counterfeiting 
This step was taken to curb the growth in the number of forged documents, especially educational documents. Maharashtra State Skills Development Council (MSBSD) also opposed

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