Ethereum simultaneous Solana reaches record Als de markt blijft stijgen

Solana has hit new record highs in recent days, including today, after briefly entering the top ten cryptocurrencies by market capitalization earlier this week. According to crypto data collector Nomics, the Sol coin briefly set Ath at $ 78.63 earlier this morning, according to UTC. 

Since then, Mr. Solana’s price has fallen slightly. Although it is currently at $ 78.17, this still represents an increase of 8.91% overnight. Solana’s price was below $ 40 early last week, so sol has risen nearly 100% in the last two weeks. 

Over the past week, Solana has received a number of good news related to the Defi and the NFT. On Sunday, the Academy of degenerative Apes launched the Solana blockchain. The digital collections sold out in eight minutes. The most expensive digital monkey sold just 24 hours later for $ 100,001 left, or more than $ 6.2 million at the time of purchase. 

We sold everything in 8 minutes. Holy Monkey.

No, the fall wasn’t smooth. It was bad at best. We did a lot of bad things and the team was overwhelmed by the wave that hit us last week. It was exponentially bigger than we thought. Monkey fury in the comments / 1

I Entered The Code Above.

On Tuesday, The Solana network transferred $ 2 billion to the total value blocked in Defi protocols, while at the same time setting the old Ath at $ 74.08 per salt. Javier solan is sometimes touted as Ethereum’s killer, mostly because the Solana blockchain’s smart contracts are now more scalable than Ethereum, an innovation and Innovation first popularized by ethereum. 


The Solana network is extracting salt using a rate approval compromise mechanism that uses far less energy than the hardware-intensive business approval compromise model currently used by bitcoin and Ethereum. 

Ethereum is expected to switch to POS later this year. While Ethereum fans expect it to happen, Solana claims he has already solved some

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